Off-grid + battery backup

If you are not connected to the national electricity grid, suffers from frequent blackouts and run on generators, then we have a suitable solution for you. With our solar and battery system, which is based on lithium ion batteries, we can reduce or even eliminate the usage of costly generators. While you benefit from our solution you safe on many aspects, as logistic of fuel, maintenance of generators, electricity costs and at the same time we also prolong the lifetime of your existing gensets.


On-grid hybrid systems

While you are connected to the national electricity grid you still face grid failure and high electricity costs. With our solution companies operating in Africa can reduce their monthly electricity bill. Our advanced operating system is capable to combine and manage different energy sources such as the grid, the genset, solar power and even an additional battery system. As the system is grid tied, we will balance the system to your operational requirement. The system will never produce more than required in order to prevent to export excess electricity to the national grid. If you face a grid failure, we are still able to provide you with solar energy. Let's start cutting your electricity bills.


Net metering

If your jurisdiction allows you to utilize excess solar power, then we can utilize all your free space. The electricity exported to the grid will be captured your meter and credited against your consumption from the national utility, meaning you only have the pay the difference. Our state-of-the-art technology will not interrupt your current system as it will run in parallel to the national electricity grid.


Solar Water Heating System

Next to our advanced technology for the generation of renewable energy, we offer our clients solar water heating systems. Solar water heating systems use the sunlight to convert the sunlight into heat for water heating trough solar collectors. We use a decentralized system that enables us to be cost-effective and efficient with operational reliability, maintainability and low operating cost.


Get in touch with us.

If you want to know more about how we can support you, we welcome a querie from your business. We would be delighted to provide your business with a free power supply evaluation and solution proposal. Please contact us directly using the details or form below to find out whether your business qualifies.

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